Pint – Six Pack


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Pint, Six in a Pack

Available in grades:

Golden Delicate: Golden Color and Delicate Taste.  This mild and delicate syrup has a more pronounced golden color. It is comparable to the Grade A Light Amber Grade in the older grading system.

Amber Rich: Amber Color and Rich Taste.  This syrup ranges in amber color (light, medium or dark) and has a rich and full-bodied taste. It is comparable to the Grade A Medium Amber or Grade A Dark Amber grades in the older grading system.

Dark Robust: Produced later in the season, when the syrup darkens and develops a more hearty maple flavor. Another great all-rounder. Use it on squash or baked apples, as a glaze for meats and vegetables, or in baked goods. This grade is a perfect pair for smoked and spicy flavors like chipotle peppers, sriracha, or bourbon.


Amber Rich, Dark Robust, Golden Delicate